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All actors – including States, CSOs, international and regional organizations and mechanisms, academic institutions, experts – will be encouraged to register voluntary commitments related to the action plan on the occasion of the WCED.


1. Benefits

  • Demonstrate commitment

  • Make and measure progress towards goal

  • Initiate dialogue with involved actors

  • Encourage broad, inclusive participation

  • Build partnerships (joint/multi-actor pledges)


2. Criteria

Voluntary pledges should:

  • Pursue the overall goal i.e. the universal ratification and implementation of the Convention

  • Be developed in consultation with stakeholders, especially victims

  • Be action-oriented and outline concrete actions

  • State clear, measurable commitment(s)

  • Provide a timeframe.


3. Types of pledges

  • Individual

  • Joint, including multi-actor activities


4. Modalities

  • Pledges will be published on the website and presented at the World Congress.

5. Model pledges

  • Model pledges are available here as examples to fill the the submission form

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